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Mālama nā ʻelepaio

August 9, 2017

Since people first arrived in Hawaii over 1000 years ago our native bird population has been decimated. Many factors have contributed to the loss of these birds over the centuries including invasive species, human contact, habitat loss, and disease. We know of 19 species of native birds becoming extinct prior to european contact with Hawaii and at least 29 more species lost in the nearly 140 years since. Our unique and delicate ecosystem has been increasingly put to the test since european contact and the exploitation of the Hawaiian Islands for profit with little to no regard for endemic species.


Our hope it to see native lands returned to their former glory and to see the endemic bird populations flourish for generations. This is why we are excited about the Army's proposed initiative to help combat the biggest threat to the native ʻelepaio, invasive rats. Please see the information below about the proposal and share your feedback directly with the Army. 


Army Press Release


Fact Sheet




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